Management Lessons from Valluvar’s Thirukkural

Six years back, I revisited an ancient Tamil literary work (circa 500 BC – 200 BC) with a view to seeing if it retained any relevance today.

Considering this work is reputed to be 2000+ years old, I was surprised (and humbled) to see that some verses retained relevance in today’s modern context. References to business case, risk analysis, project planning, delegation, errors of commission and omission, training, communication skills etc. continue to be relevant even today.

How many of our works will be relevant 2000 years hence – Insurance policy admin systems? claims processing systems? retail banking systems, may be?

Then again, this just goes to show that, at a fundamental level, some things never change.

Six years back there were no blogs. Hence I had to keep my thoughts to myself. Today, thanks to blogging technology I can try to hook an audience.

I have organized these post as a series of pages linked with wizard-style Previous Next links. You can always jump to a specific page using the Pages list on the right.

To make these posts readable for non-Tamil readers, each verse that I quote is accompanied by a pithy, poetic English translation (by Rev. G. U. Pope). I am indebted to the Acharya project of IIT Madras for the original Tamil text and the English translation.

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